Foreign Woman Arrested in Athens, Charged With Peddling Child Porn


(Photo by Eurokinissi, File)

ATHENS - A woman said to be a foreign national, but who was not named, was arrested in Greece’s capital by cybercrime officers and charged with forcing three underage girls to play in pornographic films she produced and sold over the Internet.

That came as part of an international operation targeting child pornography on the dark web – Internet content that requires specific software, configurations or authorization to access that specializes in a pedophile audience,

She was linked to 47 images and 11 videos in which an unidentified woman and three girls, who have been identified, participated, said Kathimerini, as police seized six computer hard drives, two cameras and a tablet in a raid on her home.

Officers also found a stiletto knife and a firearm, as well as small quantities of cannabis, after searching the home of a male friend of the woman. The friend was arrested on drug and firearm charges, the report said.

In April, officers of the Greek Police’s cyber crime squad arrested four Greek men as part of an operation code-named Uncover aimed at cracking down on child pornography, the apprehensions coming after months of investigation and raids on four properties in Athens and one in the Peloponnese.

In that operations, officers confiscated several hard drives and seven laptops containing thousands of photographs depicting sexual exploitation of children.