Ferry "Aqua Blue" to Sail to Lavrio Without Passengers After Losing One Engine


(Photo by Eurokinissi/ Markos Houzouris, file)

ATHENS -- The passenger-car ferry "Aqua Blue" was given permission to set sail early on Monday for a single journey without passengers, in order to go to the port of Lavrio for repairs after losing one of its two engines while en route from Kavala to the island of Limnos.

The ship arrived in Myrina harbour on Sunday at 23:30, instead of the scheduled arrival time of 20:00, with 17 passengers, four cars and three trucks on board. It departed for Lavrio at 4:00 on Monday morning, after getting approval from the classification society with which it is registered.

The ship has set off from Kavala bound for Limnos, Agios Efstratios and Lavrio with a crew of 45 and 17 passengers.

It is expected to arrive in Lavrio at 16:00.