Exclusive Land Use Map and Satellite Report on the Disaster of Evia Wildfire

The National Herald Archive

Source: Copernicus EMS / ANA.

The first mapping of the burned land in Evia wildfire reveals Athens-Macedonian News Agency (ANA) on Saturday with the contribution of EU System Copernicus.

The system Copernicus was activate on Tuesday 13 August following the Greek authorities request and since then it records the development of the wildfire offering useful high definition data on the extent of the disaster.

The map revealed on Saturday via ANA shows in detail the allocation of the land use (as recorded in 2018) of the areas that were burned until Wednesday 14 August. Taking into consideration that since then there were only rekindles from the areas the fire have already passed, it is estimated that the areas depicted are more or less the same of the total burned.

The clouds that covered the region on Thursday and Friday did not allow the satellites to record new facts. The next record attempt is expected to be held today, Saturday, if the weather conditions allow it.

What we already know is that mostly coniferous and sclerophyllous forests along with olive trees, cultivated areas and natural vegetation turned into ashes in the first two days of the fire.