Ducking Nov. 17 Protest, Rouvikonas Strikes Power Companies


Headquarters of Volterra and Elpedison on Amaroussiou-Halandriou Street after Rouvikonas' attack. (Photo by Michalis Karagiannis)

ATHENS – Backing away from vows to confront police in the neighborhood of Exarchia, even during the Nov. 17 commemoration of the 1973 student uprising that began the downfall of a military dictatorship, the notorious anarchist group Rouvikonas targeted the offices of two private power supplies in the Greek capital.

A group of up to 20 people on bikes threw stones and bottles of paint at the headquarters of Volterra and Elpedison on Amaroussiou-Halandriou Street which runs between the suburbs of Maroussi and Halandri but no one was detained, said Kathimerin.

In a message posted on an anarchist website, the group said the pre-dawn attack was staged in protest at government plans to privatize the country’s energy sector and came after the group threw flyers outside the house of Development and Investment Minister Adonis Georgiadis before running away on motorcycles, often part of their tactics to evade capture.

The group has also splashed paint on its targets, including embassies and Greek government offices and often posts bad quality videos on websites about what it did.

New Democracy took power in July 7 snap elections from the former ruling Radical Left SYRIZA that is riddled with sympathizers for anarchists and terrorists, with the Conservatives vowing to stop lawlessness and violence and damping down Rouvikonas attack strategies.