Dimitra Kolotoura, Co-Founder of Zeus + Dione Featured in Harper’s Bazaar UK

Αssociated Press

Greek company Zeus + Dione showed their line of women's clothing and handbags at the famous Bergdorf Goodman store on 5th Avenue, New York, April 29, 2017. Photo: TNH/Kostas Bej

NEW YORK – Dimitra Kolotoura, co-founder of Zeus + Dione, the Greek fashion label, was recently featured in Harper’s Bazaar UK for the design of her home in Athens. The article noted the “neutral tones and artisanal pieces” that characterize the design of the two-floor home in the Psychiko district of the city.

Among the decor in the cozy, bohemian bedroom is “a 20th-century painting by an important Greek painter, Polychronis Lembesis. Although small, it’s full of emotion," Kolotoura told Harper’s Bazaar.

The charming terrace, elegant living room and dining room, demonstrate the designer’s unique style. The hallway showcases contemporary artworks for a vibrant, fun look.

In the dining room, Kolotoura said, "I gravitate towards handmade pieces. I have embroidered napkins from my grandmother and others that I have made myself with the help of the talented ladies that embroider our kaftans. It’s something I’m keen to develop in the future – limited edition Zeus+Dione homewares. They bring a personal and intimate touch to the dining table," Harper’s Bazaar reported.

Kolotoura co-founded Zeus + Dione in 2012 with Mareva Grabowski-Mitsotakis, the wife of current Prime Minister of Greece Kyriakos Mitsotakis.