Cold Front Sweeping Across Greece From the West


(Photo by Yiannis Panagopoulos)

ATHENS -- A cold front that is expected to bring large quantities of rain has been sweeping across Greece from the west since early on Monday, as shown by images from the Meteosat-11 weather satellite. Data collected by the National Observatory of Athens weather station at Theodoriana in Arta records 61 mm of rain between midnight and 9:00 on Monday morning.

According to the NOA weather service, the cold front is expected to spread eastward on Monday, causing strong rainstorms and occasionally gale-force winds at sea. Heavy snow is forecast in the west and northern mountainous regions.

The phenomena will be brief, however, with rains expected to quickly abate in western parts of the country, though Athens and Thessaloniki may experience more intense phenomena on a local level from the afternoon.