Central Athens Temperatures Break Records over May 16-17 Weekend


(Photo by Eurokinissi)

ATHENS - Temperatures at the center of Athens broke records this past weekend, the National Observatory of Athens said on Monday, rising to nearly 37C degrees (98.6F) both days near the Thission electric train area.

May 16 and 17 registered the highest temperatures of all recorded time for those two days, the Observatory said, since it began tracking temperatures in Athens in 1860.

According to its archives, Athens temperatures exceeded 35C (95F) 18 times since the 19th century. Of these, 8 were (44 pct) were recorded between 1860 and 1990 - a span of 130 years - while 10 (56 pct) were recorded after 1990 - within the last 30 years, reflecting climate change repercussions in Greece, the research institution said.