Brawl Between Rival Thessaloniki High School Gangs Breaks Out (Vids)

The National Herald

(Photo via YouTube)

THESSALONIKI -- Mobs of teens from a high school in a Thessaloniki suburb clashed in a battle between left-and-right wing factions that turned ugly and violent and reports that knives were seen being pulled.

The battle royale erupted the morning of Sept. 28 the neighborhood of Stavropouli, in a clash of ideologies that mirrors how Greek society has long been bitterly split. 

Reports said the brawl began after some 30 hooded teenagers attacked a protest rally outside the school by students who were protesting an earlier assault against teens passing out flyers showing sympathy for Greece's Left groups.

A witness told told the local news site, the hooded teens, believed to be right-wing extremists, gathered behind the school to organize the attack, seen on video footage on cell phones storming the protesters.

The attackers were seen brandishing sticks and other weapons but couldn't be made out because they were wearing hoods, crash helmets and also also masks – required of students during the COVID-19 pandemic.

At least two people were injured, the report said. “They should have been kicked out school a long time ago,” the 17-year-old witness told Voria, describing the attackers as “fascists.” She added: “They could have hurt a lot of kids,” but it's rare for even violent incidents in Greek schools to bring any real punishment.