As Greece Worries About Coronavirus, Flu Death Toll Hits 38


Photo: Eurokinissi/ Yiannis Panagopoulos, file

ATHENS - Amid fears the dreaded Coronavirus that began in China could strike the country in the next few weeks, flu has taken 38 lives in Greece so far, an annual problem as many Greeks shun shots, believing they aren’t necessary.

The National Health Organization (EODY) also reported a rise in the number of visits to doctors by people with flu symptoms and said 17 deaths occurred in one week, bringing new worries it could spread and get worse.

People with flu symptoms were advised to stay home and the public urged to constantly wash hands to help avoid spreading the germs that cause the virus. Some 151 cases have been reported since October, 2019, when people are urged to get shots, many refusing to do so and as 55 affected had been inoculated. Another 136 were also admitted to intensive care units at hospitals around the country.