A Total of 400 Ghost Nets Recovered From the Seabed of Salamina

The National Herald

(Photo via Facebook)

ATHENS -- A total a 400 kilos of fishfarm 'ghost nets' were recoverd by nine specially trained volunteer divers from Ghost Diving Greece, which were polluting the seabed around the island of Salamina in recent years. Trapped inside these nets were also ordinary fishermen's nets. According to fishermens' testimonies , the loss of their implements is very often due to sea refuse. Τhis vicious circle of sea pollution can stop with actions such as the one carried out on October 31 at Salamina.

It is estimated that about 640,000 tons of fishing implements are abandoned or lost in the seas and oceans every year. The nets, almost invisible inside the water, can trap and kill many sea animals.

Also very important is the fact that the nylon nets recovered from the sea are recycled to a new ECONYL fibre, which is the basis for brand new products like bathing suits, socks, carpets, accessories and other.

The public can informed about the presence of ghost nets at the website

The voluntary group Ghost Diving Greece is the member of the non-governmental organisation Ghost Diving.