Eight Left: Cyprus Cuts List of Tourist- Safe COVID-19 Countries

Αssociated Press

A woman, right, wearing a face mask, walks outside of a shop at Makarios main shopping street in capital Nicosia, Cyprus, Friday, July 31, 2020. (AP Photo/Petros Karadjias)

Like other countries who didn't fare well, Cyprus' gambit to open to tourism in June as the COVID-19 pandemic was raging didn't bring the numbers expected because of travel restrictions – which are now getting tighter.

Authorities winnowed down to eight the number of countries whose residents will be allowed to visit without showing COVID-19 tests proving they don't have the Coronavirus, the Ministry of Health announced.

The safe countries, based on their record in dealing with the virus, are Germany, Lithuania, Latvia, Finland, New Zealand, Australia, South Korea and Thailand, reported.

Norway and Canada are no longer considered safe countries and visitors from those countries must show a test taken less than 72 hours before arriving, if they want to come in.

Cyprus had registered only 1,603 Coronavirus cases of infections, while 22 persons have died, according to the statistics published by Worldometers, the government taking an early lockdown that proved relatively effective against the virus.