Cyprus' Far-Right ELAM Scored for Donation to “Greek” Students

Αssociated press

The leader of far-right ELAM party Christos Christou. (AP Photo/Petros Karadjias)

Following the lead of the Greek extreme-right Golden Dawn with which it is aligned, Cyprus’ ultranationalist ELAM party was denounced by the Education Ministry for donating jackets to a primary school in Paphos but said they were reserved for “Greek” children.

“We condemn the use of schools as a springboard of political expediency,” acting Education Ministry Permanent Secretary Elias Markatzis said, the Cyprus Mail reported, adding that . it was wrong to make donations for political reasons or self-promotion and to discriminate between children, and it would be investigated.

Other parties also blasted ELAM as being racist when it was revealed members of the Paphos branch visited the First Primary School in Yeroskipou “where, after contacting the parent’s association, they delivered jackets for Greek children from poor families.”

The parents responded saying they were upset over the “deceitful political exploitation” of children and denied cooperating with any political party while stating: “Nor do we recognize the contribution ELAM says it made to our school.”

The statement went on: “We had absolutely no cooperation or understanding with any member of a political party, as it has been falsely reported in the announcement that was made public,” as the parents also rebuked ELAM.