After Strong Opposition, Cyprus Village Overturns Crocodile Park Proposal


(Photo by Eurokinissi/Antonis Nicolopoulos, file)

Plans for a 1-million euro ($1.17 million) Crocodile Park that would include 100 of the reptiles along with a souvenir shop, canteen and walking path in a forested area of Cyprus have been scuttled by vociferous opposition to the idea.

The project proposed by the Israeli TSA Crocopark firm was rejected by the Achna village local council after complaints from residents and environmental groups, the Chinese news agency Xinhua reported.

It was defeated by a vote of 6-2, the report said, despite the economic appeal for an area in need of investment, overturning an original approval.

Agricultural organizations and the state University of Cyprus also objected to the project, saying it would require too much water, which is short supply in the area around the village and that it could be a source of mosquitoes and possible infection from the West Nile virus hosted by the reptiles. Two other communities on the island had also turned it down.