THI Canada Grant to Provide Dental Care to Vulnerable & Homeless in Athens

The National Herald Archive

The Hellenic Initiative Canada's grant will help provide dental care for the vulnerable and homeless in Athens through the Doctors of the World Greece. Photo: Courtesy of The Hellenic Initiative

ATHENS – The Hellenic Initiative Canada announced on June 5 a $50,000 (Canadian dollars) grant to fund the Doctors of the World Greece (MdM Greece) for a second year, providing much needed health care and dental services.

There is an increased need for dental care services in Greece, particularly for children and for those most vulnerable. During the economic crisis, household expenses for dental care have decreased significantly, by an estimated 59%. The result is that Greek children are now among the worst in dental health in Europe.

The Hellenic Initiative Canada Co-President John Sotos expressed his support for MdM Greece’s leadership in providing essential health care and dental services for those in need. He said that “accessibility to essential health services results in better health, better oral hygiene and greater opportunities to escape poverty.”

For those who are homeless or have marginal housing, minimal income, and no health insurance, dental care often becomes a low priority. Lack of information and access to health care further exacerbates healthy outcomes. The result is poor oral hygiene, dental disease, tooth decay and loss, as well as poor physical and mental health, which leads to social and emotional stress. For many in Greece, poor oral health can be a significant barrier to employment and impedes pathways out of poverty.

With the help of The Hellenic Initiative Canada’s grant, MdM Greece will be able to provide 1,900 dental examinations in a year.

Alexander Georgiadis, Co-President of The Hellenic Initiative Canada, stated that “supporting visionary and humanitarian organizations, such as MdM Greece, we can make a difference in the prosperity and well-being of vulnerable people in Greece.”

The Hellenic Initiative Canada is a charitable organization that seeks to alleviate poverty in Greece by providing funds to trusted organizations to deliver food, health care and other related services to those in need.

More information is available online: or contact Victoria Bucovala, Director of Operations, THI Canada; +1416-572-7324.