Report Urges Greece to Use Fled Diaspora Brain Drainers

The National Herald Archive

ATHENS - It’s not too late to make use of the brainpower of thousands of young Greeks who’ve fled their homeland in search of work and a better life in other countries, a study which urged their skills still be tapped for their country.

The report by the Center of Planning and Economic Research (KEPE) said the government should find some way to keep them in Greece, with unemployment for those under 25 still around 50 percent and with entrepreneurs discouraged by a system which rewards political favoritism instead of merit.

Also, said KEPE,  the work of young Greeks abroad can be utilized, through the mobilization of the new Diaspora to use their knowledge, skills and resources (such as its scientific, business and social networks) in ways that would promote economic growth in Greece although it wasn’t specified how if they would be interested after essentially being forced out by lack of opportunities.

Since the start of the financial crisis eight years ago, hundreds of thousands of Greeks have left the country to seek jobs, unlike past waves of lower-educated people and families who left for the United States, Australia and other countries where their education and expertise is valued.