New York District 6 Honored as AHEPA National District of the Year

Αssociated Press

Left to right: John Ragoussis, John Levas, Argyris Argitakos, Past District Governor Mike Papaphotes, Antonios Stamos, Paul Macropoulos, George Pappis, Secretary Chris Pappis, Supreme President Carl Hollister, District Governor Demi Pamboukes, Ted Malgarinos, Supreme Secretary James Kokotas, Petros Ragoussis, and Anastasios Stampolis. (Photo: Courtesy of AHEPA)

ATLANTIC CITY, NJ – District 6, also known as the Empire District, was honored as the nation’s top AHEPA District at the National Convention in Atlantic City. The award was presented by AHEPA Supreme President Carl Hollister in recognition of the District’s extraordinary performance during the 2017-2018 fraternal season.

The Empire State, again led the nation in membership, but its contribution to AHEPA's core national projects, including St. Nicholas at Ground Zero, Oxi Day, Saint Basil Academy, the Greek Independence Parade, and the establishment and re-activation of chapters played a significant role in AHEPA’s selection.

In addition, District Governor Ted Stamas and his Lodge along with Supreme Regional Governor Tom Dushas and strong and creative leadership at the chapter level further influenced the selection.

“The AHEPA brand lifted Hellenism to new and exciting prominence in the Empire State, a very proud achievement reflecting the commitment of approximately 1,500 members to the Order of AHEPA,” District 6 Secretary Chris Pappis said in a statement to The National Herald.