Greece’s District Governor Visits Athens; Solon Chapter Commits to Wildfire Recovery

Αssociated press

(L-R) Anastasios Kanellos, Nikos Aggelis, Antonis Giannikouris, Panagiotis Rizopoulos, John Doulopoulos, George Plokamakis, Eustathios Kefalidis, George Malamos, Peter Baltis, Christos Faslis, Constantine Varsamis, Constantine Kozirakis, Alexander Drivas, and Grigoris Papaioannou. Spyros Markou is not visible. Photo: Courtesy of AHEPA Hellas

ATHENS – Eustathios Kefalides, the newly elected Governor of Hellas District 25, which covers all of Greece, recently made his first official visit to a chapter in Athens, where he was hosted by Solon Chapter HJ-04 led by its president, George Malamos.

Kefalides’ visit was also the occasion for a Chapter meeting that took place at the Civitel hotel in Marousi which included discussion of the Solon chapter’s prospects and plans for upcoming events and activities.

AHEPA, whose 37 chapters display a dynamism that their brothers and sisters in America, the land of the Order’s birth, would be proud of, are not among the Greek operations that shut down for the summer. Members are always on the alert for opportunities to help AHEPA brothers and sisters, the community, and the nation.

In light of the devastation and tragic loss of life caused by the wildfires in Attiki, the leadership of Solon HJ04 communicated about how they could help. They will follow the will of District 25 regarding help for the victims, but the Chapter will also deliberate about how they can contribute to the reconstruction of the region.