Albany Sons of Pericles Honor another Member of the St. Sophia Community

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Front row (left to right): Rev. Fr. Dennis Nagi, Al Ramos, Sons of Pericles Phocion Chapter 44 President Michael Neal, and AHEPA District 6 Secretary Chris Pappis. Middle row (l-r): Alex Athanassiadis, Alex Melas, Michael Ziamandanis, and Christo Melas. Back row (l-r): Andrew McCullough, George Marinopoulos, and Dean Sokaris. Photo: Dina Fisher

ALBANY, NY – Following in their historical tradition of recognizing community service, the Albany Sons of Pericles, Ahepans from New York State, and an exceptionally large representation from the community, gathered on May 5 in the church social hall of St. Sophia Greek Orthodox Church in Albany for a testimonial luncheon in honor of Alfredo Ramos, a valued member of the church community.

Every year the Sons honor a member of their community who has made a difference and deserves to be honored. This year they chose Alfredo Ramos the Plant Manager at the Church. Al works hard and always goes above and beyond what is expected of him. The Sons chose to honor him because they feel that he does not get enough attention for all the hard work he does for the Church. Al is a crucial part of the Church and it wouldn’t be the same place without him.

The infectious Philanthropic spirit reminded all who attended this beautiful well-earned tribute that no matter your craft or passion, our most noble calling as human beings is to selflessly foster hope in, and to chase despair from the lives of others. Alfredo Ramos' contribution to the St. Sophia Community is beyond impressive. He has earned the highest accolades of the Sons of Pericles. Congratulations. AXIOS!

Αssociated Press

Left to right: Al Ramos, AHEPA District 6 Secretary Chris Pappis, and Sons of Pericles Phocion Chapter 44 President Michael Neal. Photo: George Cotzas