A Southern American Learns the Greek Blues


(Photo by Eurokinissi, cropped)

Music collector, scholar and Grammy-winning music producer Christopher King was to present An American in Epirus: A Southern American Listening to Northwestern Greek Blues (Moirologia) at The Society for the Preservation of the Greek Heritage (SPGH) in Washington, D.C.

King said he'd share his wondrous encounter with Epirotika, laments from Epirus and his falling in love with the music and people of the Greek region and how he connected with the Greek blues and its link to the home of the Blues in the southern US. He would also discuss his book, Lament from Epirus with SPGH Chairman Dr. Vassilis Koliatsos and members of the audience. King said he'd also play rare examples of southern blues music and demotika from original 78 RPM discs for the audience and talk about the shared values of US and Greek Blues and their overtones.