Komi Makes NY Times Top 10 List for Washington Restaurants

The National Herald

(Photo: Facebook/Komi)

The restaurant Komi on Dupont Circle in Washington, D.C. is no secret or surprise to fans or critics and now is on a New York Times list of 10 restaurants in the city that stand out and put aside the city's reputation for being a stodgy place the paper said.

Johnny Monis opened Komi in Dupont Circle in 2003, making the restaurant he owns with his wife and partner, Anne Marler, the oldest on this list with the review saying it is probably the most influential and has long drawn raves.

Komi carried influence from the Alexandria, Virginia, sandwich and pizza shop owned by his Greek-immigrant parents, where he worked growing up. (His birth name is Ioanis.)

In 2006, Komi briefly closed, reopening as a considerably more ambitious tasting-menu restaurant. “The result is a soulful, Greek-inspired antidote to Mr. Andres’s hyper-experimental Minibar…the story said. Monis, 40, echoed the sentiments of many younger restaurateurs when he said, in an email, that Komi’s success is rooted in its innocent, bootstrap beginnings: “That naivete was probably our greatest strength, because we weren’t afraid of anything.”