Greek Olive Oil Producer Wins 100th International Award

Αssociated Press

(AP Photo/Petros Giannakouris, FILE)

NEW YORK - A Greek olive oil producer, based in Lakonia, has set a world record for a Greek company as it managed to win 100 awards in international testing competitions.

The Sakellaropoulos organic olive grove, based in Sparti Lakonia, has impressed international markets with the quality of its organic products in the last few years. It is an 100 pct Greek family business focusing on the cultivation, production and packaging of olive products.

A few days ago, the company won its 100th award at the biggest olive oil competition worldwide in the US, the NYIOOC 2019 held in New York. It is the biggest olive oil competition in the world. The organic green olive oil of Sakellaropoulos won the silver award among 903 samples of olive oils from all over the world.

"This award is very significant to us as it comes during one of the most difficult years for the Greek olive oil industry and signals a new era of creation and development for us," George Sakellaropoulos, owner of the company told the Athens-Macedonian News Agency.

The family business exports to 16 countries, with exports accounting for 90 pct of its production. "Our vision is to continue producing innovative organic olive oil products of high quality, with unique taste and flavor, but mostly with high value for human health," Sakellaropoulos said.

The company began operations in 1992 when organic farming was completely unknown in Greece. Sakellaropoulos said the selection of Sparti was made due to conditions such as climate, terrain and zero environmental pollution, "offering ideal conditions for olive trees to grow". He added that "awards cover only what's inside the packaging, the product itself and not the design, marketing or packaging of the product". Sakellaropoulos noted that the company represented the epitome of "single estate" olive oil products, which were greatly valued worldwide.