Greek-American Diners in Michigan Created Coney Dogs

The National Herald Archive

A Flint-style coney (with dry coney sauce) at Rio's Coney Island in Flint. (Photo: Wikipedia/Public domain)

No, they're not from Coney Island in New York, but from Michigan. USA Today is listing the top 10 Coney Dogs in Michigan, a creation said to have come from Greek immigrants and Greek diners popularizing the mega snack of hot dogs covered in chili, diced onions and mustard, from the early 1900s.

The paper said that Detroit institutions American Coney Island and neighboring Lafayette Coney Island, which opened in 1917 and 1924, were started by a pair of brothers who’d immigrated from Greece. Detroit-style Coneys use a meaty chili sauce, while Flint-style Coneys feature a dryer loose meat sauce, often called Coney sauce rather than chili."

The poll closes June 3 and leading so far was Virginia Coney Island in Jackson, which offers a special featuring two Coney Dogs if you can eat them, followed by Babaloon's Cafe in Escanaba. Yum.