Papadopoulos' Refurbished Alpha – in Sydney – Brings You to Greece

The National Herald

Alpha restaurant in Sydney. (Photo via Facebook)

Designer Paul Papadopoulos only had to look to his Greek heritage when he redesigned the Alpha restaurant in Sydney, turning a cavern into a reimagining that brings a relaxed style with Greek flair and subtlety.

The result brought a glowing review in Broadsheet, which he told that, “our main objective was to maintain the spirit of the existing restaurant and to not lose what everyone had fallen in love with previously.”

There are Greek-inspired curves and arches on the enormous fluted marble bar, at the wait stations, in the timber work and in the bespoke marble table lamps. There’s not a sharp edge anywhere.

But people come to eat not just look, and the redone eatery fuses Greek classics with the ideas of owner Peter Conistis who opened Alpha in 2013 and remembered his family's lessons about food.

“When I was four years old, my mother said to me, ‘food is happiness,’” Conistis told the site. “The menu (at Alpha) is expansive. My ethos has always been to overfeed, to make people feel they can’t eat anymore. I want people to walk away from Alpha feeling happy.”