Kids’ Contest "Everyday Heroes" Inspired by Greek Revolution

Εθνικός Κήρυξ

The Museum of Cycladic Art in Athens presents the kids’ contest Everyday Heroes, inspired by the bicentennial of 1821. Photo: Museum of Cycladic Art

ATHENS – The Museum of Cycladic Art in Athens presents an online kids' contest celebrating the bicentennial of 1821 titled Everyday Heroes.

Inspired by 200th anniversary of the start of the Greek Revolution and the exhibition Antiquarianism and Philhellenism: The Thanassis and Marina Martinos Collection at the Museum of Cycladic Art, children ages 4-15 are invited to bring their own “Everyday Heroes” to life.

Through paintings, sculptures and other artworks, we seek information and learn about the Heroes of 1821, and connect them to their contemporary counterparts.

Who are your own Everyday Heroes, and what makes them stand out?

We see them all around us, we imagine and draw them, making them even more unique!

Εθνικός Κήρυξ

On the Museum of Cycladic Art's website, kids can learn about some of the heroes of 1821, and then submit their own artwork online for the contest titled Everyday Heroes. Photo: Museum of Cycladic Art

On the Museum's website, youngsters can learn about the heroes of the Greek Revolution, then download a frame and draw their own artwork inside. Once their artwork is complete, kids can register and submit their artwork which will be reviewed by a distinguished selection committee including Director of the Thessaloniki International Film Festival and the Thessaloniki Documentary Festival Orestis Andreadakis, artist Kostis Velonis, art historian and museologist Katerina Gregos, educator and author Kalliope Kyrdi, and artist, designer and architect Xara Marantidou.

The deadline for submissions in March 25.

More information is available online: