ΝΥΤ About Korali, a Greek Restaurant on the Upper East Side

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NEW YORK - On a snowy evening in January, Korali, a Greek restaurant on the Upper East Side, seemed capable of transporting diners from the cold, uncaring city streets to a sunny, cheery island in the Mediterranean, New York Times reports.

Korali offers authentic and modern greek seafood specialties, according to the Greek rastaurant's website .

Prior to joining Korali, Chef Peter Tsaglis has lead prominent New York City kitchens. With a focus in Greek Seafood, Peter brings a passion for amazing ingredients and flavors. His upbringing and travels across the islands of Greece has influenced his style of traditional cooking blended with modern and contemporary fare.

An establishment with this kind of convivial ambience was exactly what the owner Gregory Politis, 47, Politis had in mind when he opened Korali in May 2015. He comes from Lefkada island in Greece, and said that he has fond memories of dining at tavernas there, where friends and family would gather for leisurely conversation and meals made with locally grown vegetables and fish that had been caught the same day.

“I wanted a place similar to the ones I ate at growing up,” he said to NYT. “The quality of the food was good, the prices were reasonable, and you were assured that the staff would take care of you and that you would see people you knew.”

Mr. Politis has run other restaurants, including Yefsi, a Greek spot on the Upper East Side where he was a co-owner, but Korali is where he brings his longtime vision to life