Natural Consequences

Αssociated press

The flag on the Acropolis hill flies at half-staff in Athens, Wednesday, July 25, 2018 after three days of national mourning declared for the victims of the deadly fires in Greece. Rescue crews were searching Wednesday through charred homes and cars for those still missing after the deadliest wildfires to hit Greece in decades decimated seaside areas near Athens, killing at least 79 people and sending thousands fleeing. (AP Photo/Theodora Tongas)

Natural disasters have happened, are happening, and will happen.

Despite the progress of societies, man still remains (and may remain forever) very small and powerless to some extent against nature in order to tame it.

That, of course, does not mean that he should not fight to be protected from her fury; that he should not constantly strive to limit the dangers of all sorts of natural phenomena.

Unfortunately, however, what has been reported from the devastating fires of Attica is that the inhabitants and their properties have been delivered to the mercy of the fires without any plan to address the situation by the government.

For someone who understands political developments in Greece, this is, regretfully, not surprising. On the contrary, it is a natural consequence.

Government incompetence, lack of coordination, and readiness in advance of the outbreak of these fires, are simply the epitome of how the present government has operated from the very first day it took office.

So, how can the government be effective on such a serious issue when it has not shown any sign that it can work in such a way, and when it has, over the past few years, completely dismantled the state apparatus and only engaged in mass appointments of cronies with an aim to create party clientele?

Instead, the government is preempting communication, which in many cases is reminiscent of Soviet press propaganda – and then, here comes Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras on the night of the fires at the Fire Coordination Center, where he chose to be informed about the situation in front of the television cameras, as if he were on a reality TV show.

Unfortunately, though, human lives and property cannot be protected by propaganda. Instead, it requires hard work, methodology, organization, and meritocracy. Elements the current government have demonstrated little relation to such qualities.