Draft Law on 120-Installments Repayment Plan Ready within April, Achtsioglou Says

Αssociated press

FILE - Labour Development Minister Eftychia Achtsioglou. (AP Photo/Yorgos Karahalis)

ATHENS - "We are almost ready in technical terms to submit the draft law on the 120-installment framework in April," Labour Minister Effie Achtsioglou said on Thursday on the sidelines of a meeting with Thessaloniki mayor Yiannis Boutaris, referring to an installment programme that will help freelance workers and small business owners repay outstanding social insurance debt.

Achtsioglou said the settlement, when it goes online, "will provide relief to thousands of people."

The minister explained that this framework will also support thousands of people that want to retire but can't because of their debt. "We are almost ready with the draft legislation, which will become law within April. This will soon be followed by a settlement programme for outstanding tax debts," she said.

The Labour Minister clarified that "the settlement for the social security funds will include all debts that have accrued up to the end of 2018. This will apply to all debt."