SYRIZA: Frontloaded Support Programme for the Greek Economy Now


SYRIZA spokesperson Alexis Charitsis. (Photo by Tatiana Bolari/Eurokinissi,)

ATHENS - SYRIZA spokesperson Alexis Charitsis on Wednesday noted that if the country fails to initiate a frontloaded support programme for the Greek economy right now, it will pay for it many times over in the future.

Speaking to TV Open, he said that "during the unprecedented crisis we are experiencing, people's health and the support of the National Health System are the priority, but the part concerning the economy is also crucial," adding that SYRIZA's programme "MenoumeOrthioi" outlines "the support measures that the Greek economy needs." These, he clarified, were a "frontloaded support programme that provides the necessary injection of liquidity plus a generous guarantee programme for enterprises and the support of workers' salaries for the next months."

Finally, he underlined "that it is the state's job to take measures for health, the economy and labour," but he criticised the measures announced by the government as "inadequate" and said they failed to address the crisis, which was why SYRIZA had presented its own proposals to the Greek people.