Philo4Thought Announces Virtual Coffee Hour Beginning on April 5

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NEW YORK – In keeping with the tradition of the Sunday Coffee Hour following the Divine Liturgy, Philo4Thought invites you all to a weekly online chat session to share thoughts and experiences about the challenges brought on by the current pandemic. According to the Virtual Coffee Hour’s Eventbrite page, “the community has been struggling under the burden of great losses, some very close to home, while juggling work-life balance issues, transitioning to online platforms, maintaining a safe family life, and so much more. We're here for you.”

Links to the weekly Archdiocesan Cathedral of the Holy Trinity Live Stream on YouTube, information about COVID-19, and helpful videos are also available through Philo4Thought.

This event is completely free community outreach and support; all are welcome to attend; weekly conversations are confidential... nor recorded or shared on social media; weekly Sunday Coffee Hour will continue until the crisis has passed and we can congregate safely at work, school, and our respective places of worship; you can hop on and off the group chat as much as you like; you can opt to be "video + audio" or "audio" only based on your personal comfort level; those who would like to make a donation are free to do so.

The first session will take place on Sunday, April 5, following the Divine Liturgy:

Future sessions will incorporate "Breakout Rooms" for members of different professions to convene... as we tend to at coffee hour! We'll start with baby steps this Sunday and build out, siga siga, based on community needs and interests.

Philo4Thought CEO Chris Salboudis will moderate the first session. If you're interested in moderating a future breakout room, please email:

More information is available online: