Now 132 COVID-19 Cases on Cyprus, Infections Being Tracked

Αssociated Press

A municipality worker wearing a protective suit sprays disinfectant at a deserted main square in central Nicosia, Cyprus, Wednesday, March 25, 2020. (AP Photo/Petros Karadjias)

NICOSIA - After eight more people tested positive, the number of COVID-19 Coronavirus cases on Cyprus jumped to 132, including 42 on the Turkish-Cypriot northern third that's been unlawfully occupied since a 1974 Turkish invasion.

Three people have died and the government has scrambled to set up quarantine facilities with the residents of a village near where one would be located trying to stop it.

Among the new cases, said Kathimerini Cyprus, are two people who recently returned from abroad, four people tested after found to have been in contact with known cases and two whose contacts are still being traced to help stop the spread.

Meanwhile, a three-month-old baby was being treated at the Makarios Hospital as a precaution, the report said with the Famagusta General Hospital treating 17 confirmed cases, five patients on respiratory ventilators for their care.

Turkish-Cypriot media said that suspicions have been raised over an additional 34 more cases cases involving people already in isolation in a hotel in lockdown with 30 German tourists among them.