Greek Police's Operational Plan for the Implementation of COVID-19 Measures in Full Progress

Αssociated Press

Policemen, wearing face masks to protect from coronavirus, check the drivers for valid documents at a roadblock in Afidnes toll stations, north of Athens, on Thursday, April 16, 2020. (AP Photo/Thanassis Stavrakis)

ATHENS - Greek police's operational plan to enforce curbs on movement due to the coronavirus during Easter holidays that were enhanced and strengthened on Thursday afternoon, is currently in full progress.

Police headquarters is constantly giving instructions to all units and departments to strictly implement all the measures without exceptions.

Instructions for increased supervision in churches on Good Friday and on Holy Saturday and on police officers’ actions mostly on Easter Sunday were given at a teleconference held at the police headquarters on Thursday evening.

The target is that there will be no gatherings in people's houses and the prevention of people leaving their residence, or gathering in open spaces, around churches, at bus stations and markets.

Drones and helicopters will be used, mostly in Athens and in the big cities, for the most effective implementation of the measures and to better direct action by police forces. The use of aerial means, said the same official, is also aimed at the supervision of cities, the protection of property and the tackling of crime in general, which is why there will be more patrols and an increased police presence to prevent burglaries and robberies, mostly of closed stores and shops.