Greek Pharmaceutical Industry Fully Covers Domestic Need for Medicines


(Photo by Eurokinissi/Lydia Siori)

ATHENS - The coronavirus pandemic has led several European countries and around the world to the decision of prohibiting exports of pharmaceuticals in an effort to cover their own increased domestic needs.

At the same time, a significant slowdown in economic activity leads to delays in imports with several countries reporting shortfalls even in basic medicines.

"The existence of a strong domestic pharmaceutical industry ensures that the country is not facing and will not face any similar problems. Greece, in contrast with other countries showing a big dependence from imports, has a unique advantage as more than three million insured people and patients are covering their needs with pharmaceuticals produced domestically by Greek factories," the Panhellenic Association of Pharmaceutical Industries said in a report on Thursday.

It added that Greek pharmaceuticals operate around the clock to safeguard that health workers have and will continue to have at their disposal all the necessary medicines for patients.

The Association noted that high-quality Greek pharmaceuticals can cover at least 75 pct of the volume of pharmaceuticals used in the healthcare system and 85 pct in Greek hospitals, while have secured adequate inventories for the coming months and have timely purchased supplies of raw materials to continue production.