Greek High Court Prosecutor Pushes COVID-19 Lockdown Enforcement

Αssociated Press

A police helicopter flies over Athens, Monday, March 23, 2020, during a lockdown due to the coronavirus outbreak. Pitarakis)

ATHENS – With signs more Greeks are leaving their homes during the COVID-19 Coronavirus lockdown, Supreme Court prosecutor Vassilis Pliotas wrote colleagues urging them to press enforcement.

He cited the need for “vigilance and constant intervention” when regulations intended to contain the highly contagious and deadly virus are being broken, said Kathimerini, after the New Democracy government said those violating the restrictions would be fined and prosecuted as criminals.

Being outside the home without a permissible reason, such as going to a supermarket, pharmacy, doctor, hospital, bank or to other essential businesses brings a 150-euro ($164 euro) fine but it can be as high as 50,000 euros ($54,668) for businesses now allowed to be open.

Pilotas referred to a law in the criminal code concerning violations that put the public’s health at risk and also noted that profiteering and illegal gatherings as other examples of crimes over which where prosecutors need to be especially tough.