Greek Doctors Asked to Join Doctor Next2Me E-Platform to Support Covid-19 Patients


(Photo by Eurokinissi, file)

ATHENS - The Attica Region and Athens Medical Association on Wednesday sent e-mails to doctors registered in Athens, asking them to join the newly simplified and user-friendly telemedicine platform 'Doctor Next2Me' and participate in the chain of support for Covid-19 patients.

The platform allows patients to communicate with the nearest available doctor to their location via a video link, using an app that doctors can easily download on their phones. This allows them to have a visual image of the patient and to give advice or recommendations regarding any symptoms that may be related to the virus.

In this way, patients that need to avoid going to hospital, either because they belong to at-risk groups or have mild symptoms, can get medical advice from GPs and various specialist doctors from home.

Doctor Next2Me proceeded to simplify the app at the request of Attica governor and AMA President Giorgos Patoulis, providing it without charge to the Attica region.