Greek Coronavirus Infections Rise to 743; New Cases Reach 48, Fatalities 20


Ιnfectious diseases professor Sotiris Tsiodras. (Photo by Eurokinissi/ Stelios Missinas)

ATHENS - The Health Ministry's coronavirus spokesman and infectious diseases professor Sotiris Tsiodras on Tuesday evening appeared 'cautiously optimistic' about the spread of the coronavirus pandemic in Greece.

He noted that the graph of the disease's development "does not seem to lead to an exponential increase, but we have to wait to say it with confidence."

Asked to comment on the case of a young woman who died of COVID-19 at home, he said he expected more information on possible underlying problems, especially of a chronic respiratory type. He further explained that young people are not immune from death by the virus or influenza, and as this is a new virus, humans have not yet developed en-masse immunity to it.

Concerning the course of the pandemic, Tsiodras announced 48 new confirmed cases of Covid-19 infections, raising Greece’s total to 743.

Some 134 infected patients are currently hospitalized, of whom 45 are intubated in Intensive Care Units. The average age of all these patients is 68 years, of whom 60 pct are men.

So far 32 patients have recovered and have been discharged from hospitals.

Greece now records 20 deaths from Covid-19, while the average age of those perished was 75 years, Tsiodras added.

Finally, referring to mild cases of coronavirus infections and atypical symptomatology, he explained that some patients develop diarrhea or loss of the sense of taste or smell.

"We know that usually 40 pct of patients develop a loss of smell or taste after a respiratory infection," said Tsiodras and added that an increased number of cases of Covid-19 patients who experience loss of smell recently are reported in Britain and Germany.