GoFundMe Campaign to “Feed Our Frontline”

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Medical personnel talk outside the emergency room at NewYork-Presbyterian Lower Manhattan Hospital, Wednesday, March 18, 2020, in New York. (AP Photo/Mary Altaffer)

NEW YORK – The coronavirus pandemic is taking its toll on the health care workers who are on the frontline in the battle, working long hours, and often with barely enough time to grab a snack. Concerned citizens created a GoFundMe campaign titled “Feed Our Frontline” to help buy food to be delivered to health care workers at various hospitals in New York City and Long Island, CBS New York reported.

According to the GoFundMe page, “We are fundraising to be able to order food and schedule food drop offs to our nurses, doctors, medical staff and aids in NYC, Long Island and Westchester who are working tirelessly to help our country’s COVID-19 patients. We were overjoyed by the $8,500 worth of donations we received in the first 9 hours that we decided to streamline donation efforts into a GoFundMe. So far, we have partnered with the following pizzerias and restaurants: Radio City Pizza, Barosa, Blank Slate NYC, Mario’s Pizzeria of Syosset, Sandwicherie of New York and Massapequa Diner.”

One of the campaign organizers, Ann Marie Toole told CBS, “My brother is a doctor at a New York City hospital. When I texted him, he responded with, ‘Honestly we’re just so busy, I’m lucky if I get to the vending machine to get a protein bar.’ My heart completely broke hearing that.”

She called some friends and organized the effort on March 18 which began with two pizzerias helping out, including Mario’s Pizzeria in Syosset which “was more than happy to help, and even discounted every pie going to first responders,” CBS reported, adding the manager’s comment, “In times like this we all got to work together, so we’re helping all these great people and in turn it’s helping us stay afloat and helping us retain our staff.”

Among the hospitals which have already received between 10-40 pizzas, Nassau University Medical Center, Lenox Hill on the Upper East Side, and Long Island Jewish Medical Center, CBS reported.

“One of the doctors said that, ‘I felt over the past week that we were all getting burned out and tired, but it was lifting to know that so many people appreciate all the work we’re doing, no matter how thankless it may feel,'” Toole said, CBS reported.

More information is available online: GoFundMe, search Feed Our Frontline: