Ellinopoula from Around the World Celebrate Greek Independence Day Online

Αssociated Press

FILE - Young children holds flags as they participate in the annual Greek Independence Day Parade in Montreal, Sunday, March 24, 2019. (Graham Hughes/The Canadian Press via AP)

NEW YORK – While the restrictions to prevent the spread of coronavirus have led to the cancelation of large gatherings, online events are still going on. Ada Leivada, Coordinator of Greek Lessons OnLine (Greek LOL), shared a video from the online Greek language program’s celebration of Greek Independence Day which includes students from around the world.

Leivada told The National Herald, “as you may know all events for the Anniversary of Greek Independence Day have been cancelled apart from ours. Our students Commemorated our Greek ancestors and celebrated freedom, a value appreciated more than ever in our days by taking part in our School's OnLine Celebration for the 25th of March.”

She urged everyone to “help us spread the message of these wonderful young Greeks from every corner of the world celebrating their ancestors and the value of freedom by sharing our video to your community and social media.”

As noted in the Greek LOL news release, “While people around the world are experiencing unprecedented times, with schools closing and both teachers and students struggling to switch from a face-to-face setting to online education overnight, Greek LOL has already utilizes technology to teach Greek to students around the world.

“With years of experience in online education, Greek LOL is the school that will always remain open not only to teach Greek to people around the world, but also to keep Greeks together and offer children a sense of normality even in trying times like these. All celebrations for this year’s Greek Independence Day have been cancelled. Not for the Greek LOL students, however, who all gathered together from every corner of the world to celebrate our most important national anniversary.

“More than 80 Ellinopoula from all over the world connected from the safety of their homes to celebrate Greek Independence Day and to commemorate their Greek ancestors, who fought for the freedom of Greece back in 1821. Celebrating freedom in the era of Coronavirus is more relevant than ever. You can watch the Greek LOL students online and spread the word about these young proud Greeks promoting Hellenism and celebrating freedom; a value we are in great need of today more than ever.”

Click here to watch the celebration: