Despite Coronavirus, Logothetis Film Man of War Continues on Cyprus

Αssociated press

A man carries boxes as sign attached to the gate of the Nicosia General Hospital reads in Greek: "Ban Entry - Temporary Safety Measures" in capital Nicosia, Cyprus, Tuesday, March 10, 2020. (AP Photo/Petros Karadjias)

NICOSIA - Greek-American film director Dimitris Logothetis is forging ahead with shooting his movie Man of War on Cyprus even as the government has set up quarantine facilities with people over the COVID-19 virus and shut down many non-essential businesses.

With film production around the world on hold, Logothetis is going ahead with the pre-production of his movie despite the pandemic, The Cyprus Mail reported.

“We are all trying to be patient. Cyprus remains our country of choice, not just for Man of War, but also, many other productions,” he said as Highland Film Group distribution company and Man of War producers said they are scouting locations on the island.

Logothetis, also a martial artist, directed Jiu Jitsu, with Nicolas Cage, the first Hollywood film shot on the island.

“During difficult times, the film and television business always flourishes, as movies offer much-needed entertainment and an escape from reality. It helps people forget their worries for a while,” Logothetis said.

“We see markets outside Europe and America –affected by the virus much sooner than us – slowly standing on their feet again. We believe that with patience, we shall also get through this, albeit with slight delays in our plans due to Covid-19. We hope that Man of War, as well other productions we have in mind for Cyprus, will help boost the economy of the country, as we will be recruiting local staff and relying on local businesses, such as hotels and restaurants, that have currently been hard hit by the pandemic,” he told the paper.