COVID-19 Takes 151 Cypriots Living in the UK

Αssociated press

A man wearing a face mask passes outside of a closed travel agency shop in central Nicosia, Cyprus, Monday, March 16, 2020. (AP Photo/Petros Karadjias)

NICOSIA - With the death toll in the United Kingdom soaring after the government refused to go to a lockdown or close down non-essential businesses for weeks, 151 Cypriots there have lost their lives.

A newspaper published by the Cyprus expat community in the UK said that 95 Greek Cypriots, 55 Turkish Cypriots, and one Maronite Cypriot living there had been victims of the dreaded Coronavirus, said Kathimerini Cyprus.

Most of those were over 60 with the elderly the most vulnerable as well as those suffering from underlying conditions that make them even more susceptible although it wasn't said what the case was for Cypriots who passed away.

More than 300 Cypriots living in the UK have contracted the virus, with many in hospitals although on their home island the number of cases and fatalities ranks relatively low in the world.

The figures showed that Cypriots represented 2.18 percent of the total Coronavirus deaths recorded UK-wide although figures could grow because those numbers were deaths that may have occurred up to three weeks earlier, the report said.