The Partisans of Athens Greek Documentary Screening in New York on May 6 (Trailer)

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The Partisans of Athens, a new documentary will be screened in New York on May 6. Photo: Workers Unite Film Festival

NEW YORK – The Partisans of Athens is a new documentary about the Resistance during the Nazi Occupation of Athens. Fourteen people recall memories from that period.

The film is about collective memory, about an entire people’s struggle against Italian Fascists, German Nazis, and their Greek collaborators. Based on the testimonials of those who took part in the resistance, The Partisans of Athens sheds light on stories of struggle from the period of the great famine of 1941-42 to the liberation of Athens.

The 14 protagonists create a mosaic of experiences, struggles, and expectations of men and women who chose to stand against defeatism and collaboration with Nazism. Including rare archival material, the original music score of drog_A_tek and  footage of historic neighborhoods in today’s Athens, The Partisans of Athens (2018, 72 min, Greece) will be screened on Sunday, May 6, 3:30 PM at Cinema Village, 22 East 12th Street in Manhattan, as part of the Workers Unite Film Festival. Tickets are $10 and are available online at Eventbrite.

The Partisans Of Athens

Sunday,  May 6, 3:30 pm

Cinema Village 22 E 12 St, NYC

Trailer: Workers Unite Film Festival 2018 Program 6

Tickets: Tickets $10 at Eventbrite

Οι Παρτιζάνοι των Αθηνών - The Partisans of Athens [TRAILER] from COLLECTIVE MEMORY on Vimeo.