First Movie Trailer for Cyprus Movie "74" Released (Video)

The National Herald Archive

Unofficial Cover of "74." (Courtesy of Paul Lambis)

NEW YORK - The first, unofficial trailer for Paul Lambis’ full-length feature "74" has been released, preparing its audience for the thrilling and poignant moments that are set to unfold on-screen.

Following the 1974 Turkish invasion of Cyprus, "74" centers on the lives of four women, and the gross injustices perpetrated against them. Paul Lambis’ war drama is a story of love, loss, life and death, seen through the eyes of these symbolic women, each one representing a town under Turkish occupation: Kyrenia, Girne (Turkish for ‘Kyrenia’), Morphou and Varosha.  These powerful figures are united by one constant that anchors their stories and ties them all together:  their hope for their island’s re-unification.

Filming for the movie is planned for 2020, while auditions for the cast of the film will be concluded in September 2019.