A Fine Line LA Premiere at the Los Angeles Film Festival on June 8

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Filmmaker Joanna James. (Photo by Vanessa Simarano)

NEW YORK – The feature-length documentary A Fine Line will have its Los Angeles premiere at the Los Angeles Greek Film Festival (LAGFF), Friday, Jun. 8 at the Egyptian Theater. The LAGFF is in its 12th year, and runs from Wednesday, Jun. 6-Sunday, Jun. 10.

A Fine Line explores why only 6% of head chefs and restaurant owners are women and features world-renowned chefs including Greece's Official Ambassador to Gastronomy Maria Loi, Greek-American and First Female Iron Chef Cat Cora, World's Best Female Chef Dominique Crenn, and many more. The film also follows the personal story of a Greek-American, small-town restaurateur with a larger than life personality, Valerie James, owner of Val's Restaurant in Holden, MA. A woman on a mission to do what she loves while raising two kids and the odds stacked mightily high against her. The film shows the Greek-American values of family, hard work ethic, and a love of food and hospitality.

The National Herald Archive

FILE- An image from the film A Fine Line featuring Greek-American chef and restauranteur Valerie James. (Photo by Robert Featherstone)

A Fine Line premiered in 2017 at the Napa Valley Film Festival and has since had several screenings and an international premiere at the Thessaloniki International Film Festival. The director and producer of the film, Joanna James, told The National Herald that she began making this film more than four years ago and was determined to complete it, not only because she shares her mother's story, as the viewers find out early on that this is a love letter to the filmmaker's mother Valerie, but over the course of making the documentary, the life/work balance and issues keeping women from career advancement and leadership resonated even more with her.

James told TNH, “I became a mother while making this film, actually twice in those 4 years, and although I had the love and support of my husband, I could empathize with what my mother went through and the sacrifices she and many working women make for their kids... all while facing systematic hardships in business simply for being a woman and wanting to do what you love.”

While the film seamlessly weaves between the chefs' perspectives and experiences rising up the ranks and Valerie's up-close and personal story empowering women and men alike to follow their dreams, it also shows the immigration of many Greeks coming to the U.S. to work in the food industry. James also told TNH that A Fine Line will have a New York premiere later this fall. The score of the film was composed by Greek musician and songwriter Petros Klampanis.

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