195 Films from 52 countries at the Short Film Festival of Drama

The National Herald Archive

DRAMA, Greece - The  41th short film festival of Drama started on Sunday and hosts in its programmes a total of 195 short films from 52 countries.

The art director of the festival Antonis Papadopoulos said to Athens-Macedonian News Agency that "the Festival of Drama is looking to the future with optimism after the launching of the restoration of the Kapnapothiki  (The Tobacco Warehouse) that will host the festival and the cooperation with the Greek Open University. By developing the dynamic of the festival the University inaugurates an Film Studies programme in Drama which will start when the new venue is delivered . Our wish is the restoration to complete by 2021".

The 41st Short Film Festival in Drama, which this year will be extended by one day, will be held in the "Olympia" Hall and the Municipal Conservatoire, making its established appointment with the liveliest part of Greek cinema: the young Greek short film directors. But also those who insist on the short form, honouring the short film as it deserves: as an independent artwork.

This year's event will feature a total of 195 films from 52 different countries (in all its programs).


The festival, which completes 24 years of turning International, will feature 62 films from 49 countries around the world, from Malaysia to the Faroe Islands. In the International Competition, the following films were selected from Greece: - "The silence of the fish when they die" by Vasilis Kakatos - "Hector Malo: the Last Day of the Year" by Jacqueline Lentzou - "Penal Colony" by Manos Cizek & Lindsey Aliksanyan

And from Cyprus: - "Beyond the Stars" by Stelana Cleris

This year's program presents many surprises as for the cast of the films: * The French film "Detectable you" by Axel Curtier stars Katherine Deneuve * In the Canadian film "Eleftheromania" by David Antoniuk, the Oscar-winning Olympia Doukaki plays a woman who survived the experience of a concentration camp and testifies to the Greek prisoners * Aris Servetalis co-starred with Romanian actress Kristina Flutur in the film from Sweden "If I die the world dies too" by Jennifer Rensford. Flutur became known from the film "Behind the Hills" by Cristiano Mungiu - and for her performance she won the Audience Award at the Cannes Film Festival. * Elli Tringou, who also plays in a Greek film, is also starring in the German film "Excuse me, I'm looking for the ping pong room and my girlfriend" by Bernhard Wenger

* Finally, the young Belgian actress, Jonas Bloket, who will be starring in the French short film "By Blood" by Guyom Enar, co-starred in the Hollywood film "The Nun" that will soon be screened in Greece, and has appeared in "Elle" by Paul Verhofen.

The festival will end on September 22.