Greek Craftsmen Rebuilding Greek Church in Florida

Αssociated press

The architectural plans for the rebuilding of the Sts. Raphael, Nicholas, and Irene Greek Orthodox Church in Palm, Harbor FL on display at its August 20 fundraiser/festival. (PHOTO: Constantinos E. Scaros)

PALM HARBOR, FL – Saints Raphael, Nicholas, and Irene Greek Orthodox Church in Palm Harbor was destroyed in an electrical fire in September 2014. Now, a dozen Greek craftsmen are working to rebuild the church which will hopefully be completed by Easter. "For me, it's a miracle that we're building this church," Church administrator Erine Koulianos said, Bay9 News reported.

The new 55-foot-tall basilica style church is nearing completion. "We're going to have this beautiful landmark to share with visitors, tourists, and locals," Koulianos said, Bay 9News reported adding of the craftsmen, “They compliment each other and they inspire each other, they help each other to achieve this common goal of leaving something for generations.”

Saints Raphael, Nicholas and Irene were Christian martyrs from the village of Thermi on the island of Lesbos where they were fatally tortured by the Ottoman Empire in 1463. They began appearing in the dreams and visions of the Thermi villagers in 1959, where they revealed their cruel torture and provided clues that led to important excavations. They were canonized as saints on September 11, 1970.