Fr. Nick Jonas Says Farewell to His Parishioners at Holy Trinity Chicago

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The magnificent Holy Trinity nave in Chicago that was sold to the Religious Organization Universal Life Church. (Photo by

CHICAGO – Fr. Nick Jonas, who was until recently presiding priest at the historic parish of the Church of the Holy Trinity in Chicago whose nave was recently sold, sent a farewell letter to members of the parish, whom he loves dearly, and who love him also.

Fr. Nick served at the parish for almost all of the past two-and-one-half years. Fr. George Kaloudis, who has been with the parish over the past 58 years, continued to serve there even after the appointment of Fr. Nick Jonas, despite the parish’s obvious financial difficulties.

In the letter dated November 1, 2019 Fr. Nick wrote the following: “Dear Members of the Parish Council; Parish Staff; and Parishioners of Holy Trinity,

Christ is in our midst! With our Chancellor, Fr. Timothy Bakakos, being assigned on September 19, 2019 all administrative duties of Holy Trinity and for the maintaining of good order and decorum, I must be excused from all decision making of the Parish, along with all decisions regarding the reimbursement of donations; the packing and moving of Church property; and the relocation of the community of Holy Trinity.”

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Fr. Nick Jonas who served at the historic Holy Trinity parish for two and one half years. (Photo: Curtesy Fr. Nick Jonas)

In another part of his letter he said that “my passion for our parish and the emotion that has accompanied that passion, has consumed me, guiding my every thought and action. But, I must remind myself that Holy Trinity does not belong to me. Holy Trinity belongs to our Savior through His appointed Hierarch, our Metropolitan.”

He informed his that “as instructed by His Eminence, I will continue to take care of the liturgical, sacramental, and ministerial needs of the parish, while Fr. Timothy handles all administrative matters. This will continue until His Eminence decides different. The future we do not know. As for me, each of you will forever be in my heart!”

It is reminded here that Metropolitan Nathanael has prohibited Fr. Nick Jonas from making comments or granting interviews to the press about the condition the historic parish of the Holy Trinity and how it ended up losing its magnificent nave, which is unique in the history of our ecclesial life in America and especially in Chicago. The parish must pack up all the sacred items and leave within 65 to 75 days and give up its house of worship to the new buyers, the Universal Life Church.

As the National Herald has reported, a second icon of the Mother of God is said to be crying. The first one that was crying was transferred to the Chicago’s Cathedral in order for Metropolitan Nathanael to personally monitor it and see if it continues to cry so that he can issue a statement.