Pan-Pontian Federation Releases Resolution on Issues of Concern

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A building of a residential area burns after night shelling by Azerbaijan’s artillery during a military conflict in self-proclaimed Republic of Nagorno-Karabakh, Stepanakert, Azerbaijan, October 4. (Areg Balayan/ArmGov PAN Photo via AP)

NORWALK, CT – The Pan-Pontian Federation of USA and Canada and the Pontian Youth Association USA & Canada released a resolution on October 11 concerning the current issues of concern to the community relating to Azerbaijan and Turkey.

The full resolution follows:

On the occasion of the 25th Convention of the Pan-Pontian Federation of USA and Canada and on this date the 11th of October in the year 2020, we resolve the following: We categorically condemn the aggression of Azerbaijan, with the assistance of Turkey and President Erdogan, against Artsakh/Armenia.

Additionally, we condemn the further incursion of Turkey into Cyprus and specifically Famagusta, where Turkish expansion is once again on display. It is not a coincidence that Turkey is simultaneously and strategically involved in both instances. The repeated aggression toward Greece, the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate, and the conversion of Christian churches into mosques serves as further proof of the hostile intentions of President Erdogan and the Turkish government.

Since October 3, 2020, Azerbaijan, at the behest of and with the assistance of Turkish President Erdogan, has embarked on an act of war against Artsakh/Armenia and the Armenian people. This unprovoked attack, with the blessing of Turkish President Erdogan, poses a real threat to the stability in the Middle East, Asia, the Mediterranean, and Europe.

President Erdogan, through his rhetoric and actions, has demonstrated a desire and admittedly embarked on a mission of GENOCIDE, not unlike the one perpetrated by the Ottoman Empire at the onset of the 20th Century. During that period, 3.5 million Armenian, Greek, and Assyrian Christians were put to death. An equal number were forcibly removed from their ancestral homelands, in an effort to erase all traces of Christendom from what we now know as Turkey.

If we have not learned from history, then we are destined to repeat it. The nations of the world CANNOT ignore the signs and stand idly by without acting to prevent a repeat of this horrible chapter in human history.

We, the Pan-Pontian Federation of USA and Canada and the Pontian Youth Association USA and Canada, DEMAND from ALL governments of ALL nations of the world, to act swiftly and decisively in putting an end to this conflict, which poses an imminent threat to world peace.

Unanimously resolved by the members of the Pan-Pontian Federation of USA and Canada and the Pontian Youth Association USA and Canada on October 11, 2020.

Gus Tsilfides

President, Pan-Pontian Federation of USA & Canada

Mirofora Kalogeridis

President, Pontian Youth Association USA & Canada