HABA Board of Directors Announces Commerce Committee

The National Herald

Left to right: Costas Kellas, Fanny Trataros, Christos Koutsis, Euripides Pelekanos, Manny Caravanos, Sophia Prountzos, and Nick Lionas at a HABA event earlier this year. (Photo Courtesy of HABA)

NEW YORK – The Board of Directors of the Hellenic American Association for Professionals in Finance (HABA) released a statement via email about launching their Commerce Committee. The statement follows:

In an effort to keep our organization relevant and supportive of its members’ needs during this challenging time, HABA’s Board would like to announce the creation of the HABA Commerce Committee. The Commerce Committee will be tasked with enhancing HABA’s role in keeping the membership connected, and giving members a central location to help them identify people in the Hellenic business community who can help them achieve their commercial goals.

As we are not able to meet in person until the COVID-19 situation is better resolved, the Board would like members looking for introductions to email the Committee with their requests. For example, if someone is looking for help with a real estate bridge loan, that member would email or call the Committee, which would then come back to him or her with the name of another HABA person who would be of assistance.

Access to the Committee’s networking services will be open to paid HABA members only, as we would like to enhance the value of belonging to our organization.

The Committee will be headed by HABA Vice President, Chris Thomas who can be reached at Thomas will coordinate with the other individuals on the Committee to help members achieve their goals.

We look forward to the Committee becoming an integral part of HABA over time, and furthering the value of our organization for all its members.

Yours truly,

HABA Board of Directors.

More information is available online: