Tail Wagging the Cat, Fargo's Manesis Has Poetic Feline Tales

The National Herald

Greek-American Author John Manesis. (Photo via Facebook)

Retired 20 years after working in internal medicine and a diagnostic radiologist, in Fargo – the one in Wisconsin, not North Dakota – John Manesis has put the time to good use in writing books including about baseball, medicine, and his Greek-American heritage.

His tenth work though is about his love for cats, a poetic work called Tails & Tales and designed for the many cat lovers out there who think of them as their children and can't live without them even if the cats can.

The National Herald

Tails & Tales. (Photo via Amazon)

In a feature, the Brainerd Dispatch wrote of his motivation which was pretty simple. “We've had cats in our house for 55 years, and we've had a lot of interesting experiences with cats," he said.

He said while his wife and two daughters are the cat fanatics he's an “independent observer,” cat-a-loguing the story in poems over 128 pages, some of the works shorter than a tale about a tail.

There's a three-pager about driving a Siamese cat named Zorba back from the Navy when he was discharged and went to Wisconsin. "He did not like it at all," he said.