Greek Lessons OnLine Offers Group Classes for Young Students

The National Herald

The worldwide online Greek school, Greek Lessons OnLine is focusing on the need for social interaction for its young students. (Photo: Greek Lessons OnLine)

ATHENS – While the world is dealing with some unique challenges this year, the challenges for education are especially profound as they affect the most precious resource of our community, the children.

After shifting towards online education due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the worldwide online Greek School, Greek Lessons OnLine (LOL), focused on the need for social interaction for its young students. The School’s administration decided that it was essential to encourage contact, interaction, and teamwork between students during this time, which inspired the idea of group classes for children. The kids who joined the groups connected from their own corners of the world, met their classmates and teachers, studied together, played games and made friends while learning Greek under the guidance of the experienced Greek LOL teachers.

The Greek LOL teachers vouch for the learning outcomes of the group classes for kids. Students, even beginners, learn to speak basic Greek within weeks simply because they love conversing with their classmates. Louiza, one of the group teachers, said, “The Greek LOL students truly worked as a team and enjoyed learning Greek more than ever, because all they wanted was to have fun together.”

And teachers found other rewarding aspects of these lessons. According to Sofia, “Seeing students who met in the Greek LOL groups for kids and became friends, knowing that they talk even after class and make plans to meet in person when it is safe again is truly one of the most rewarding experiences we have had as educators.”

What started as a temporary way to connect during lockdown was then warmly embraced by parents and children alike. Consequently, the online Greek School decided to bring the group classes for kids back. “Our groups for kids and teens are back this October and we are all looking forward to welcoming even more students in our classes,” the School’s Director, Mrs. Stella Bompotsiari, said.

The groups for kids are designed with all the important values of a traditional classroom. Their “superpower,” however, is that they take advantage of new technologies and multimedia, like language apps and audiovisual material that the School designs and shares with its students in order to make learning Greek an interactive and interesting experience for children of all ages. The group classes for kids are designed to be interactive, communicative, accessible to children of different skills and more fun because they combine learning with playing, language with games, and speaking practice with actual communication between children who become friends.

We Learn Better Together

With students in the Cayman Islands, the UK, the Philippines, and the USA, the Greek LOL group classes for kids prove that “we learn best when we are having fun” but “We Learn Even Better Together,” expanding on the Greek LOL motto.

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