Greek-American Artist Constantinos Vorrises Talks to TNH about His Latest Project

The National Herald

Constantinos Vorrises wearing one his t-shirt designs now available online. (Photo by Constantinos Vorrises)

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Constantinos Vorrises is an artist based in California with roots in Zakynthos. He spoke to The National Herald about his latest project, expanding on his artistic/creative journey, and creating his own Greek-inspired designs for t-shirts and hoodies online.

TNH: What inspired you to launch this new effort?

Constantinos Vorrises: I've always wanted to create my own Greek t-shirts and hoodies. I checked online a lot, but many of the shirts are the same or just not what I was looking for, so I figured I can create them myself. Also, with shelter in place, I have time to actually put my ideas to work! 

TNH: How long did it take from idea to realization?

CV: That’s a tough question haha... I've tried many different times to make this work. I would draw the designs first, sometimes on computer, then go to a t-shirt company for printing. In the past, I had challenges with images, color, and just not looking the way I want. It took years to get to this point, but now with the right websites, apps, and platform, it’s exactly what I want. I want to create and sell the shirts through the teespring platform. 

TNH: Do you design all the items on the site?

CV: Yes, the majority are common things we say in Greek culture or with our Greek parea. I like to keep the shirts simple and fun. 

TNH: What has been the most challenging aspect of putting it all together, especially during this difficult time?

CV: The most challenging part has been finding the right tools so I can focus on what I love best - that's creating. It’s another form of artwork. I'm an artist and sell my paintings, too. This is just an extension of my creative process. As for timing, I think it’s a great time to take a risk and start something new. Everyone says they never have time... well now, we have time and I'm doing something positive with it during shelter in place. 

TNH: What has been the response so far?

CV: The response has been great for my Greek store! I also started an artist quotes store and sports quotes store. My goal is to have Greeks across the country wearing and sharing my shirts on social media. I even had a friend buy a "Greek Night Legend" shirt and he’s not even Greek. He still talks about that night at Greek Night many years ago - I love it!

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